Canadian-Made, Global Applications

Over the past 20 years, Bhurjee Industries has become one of Alberta’s most trusted machine shops— building high-quality, Canadian-made machine parts for various resource, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas applications. Our company serves a number of multinational companies and our machined parts have been used all over the world.

The Balance of Quality and Speed

Bhurjee Industries provides the highest quality product by staying innovative, upholding our ISO 9001:2015 certification, and strictly using high-quality, traceable steel for our work.

Bhurjee Industries values service above all else. We aim to make your goal our goal. If we can get the work done faster to help you move your project forward, we will do it. If we can make some adjustments so that you can meet your budget, we will do it. And we will do it with no sacrifice to quality.

Part of the Bigger Picture

We are committed to providing world-class parts and service to our customers. This commitment requires us to take ownership of your project and do our part to deliver your bigger picture.

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